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Health Benefits of Evaporative Cooling

Health Benefits of Evaporative Cooling


Health Benefits of Evaporative Cooling

 Portable Evaporative cooling systems are becoming more common as the temperature rise continues. It is considered a more efficient way to cool than traditional air conditioning systems. 


There are many health benefits of using portable evaporative cooling systems, including reducing body temperature, respiratory health, inflammation, and overall health.


Following are some of the crucial benefits of evaporative cooling:

Temperature Management

There are several considerable health advantages to using portable evaporative coolers in the workplace. One is temperature level management. Decreasing a sometimes 110 degree or more warehouse temperature is a beneficial factor. These results vary depending on swamp cooler setups. Generally, they lower temperatures by 26-30 degrees Fahrenheit in hot, dry environments.


For worksite safety, a portable evaporative cooler can help prevent workplace injuries, such as the outcomes of fatigue, dehydration, overheating, etc. Large industries and buildings need to incorporate portable evaporative coolers into their working area. A standard AC system can not instantly control the rising temperature in a workplace. Moreover, the AC system costs a significant amount of money and requires extensive maintenance with massive monthly operating costs. 



Negative Ion Production

A under sold important selling point of most portable evaporative coolers is that their air filters have negative ions, which helps those who stay on an environmental excursion. This is becoming a tent pole feature in workplaces full of dust and debris, Becoming a key staple to maintanning the healthiest workplace possible. 


Negative ions are created in evaporation and tend to attach to floating dust particles and pollute your lungs. The ions are adhesive to the toxic dirt particles, making their removal from your workplace easier and cleaner.


Dirt and dust buildup allows harmful germs and bacteria to thrive in your environment, harming your lungs & health. 


Clean air is more breathable air. Hence, a portable evaporative cooler can restrict germs and bacteria in your workspace by trapping and collecting dust & debris in the air into the media filter to ensure your health remains sound.

Prevention of Legionnaires’ Disease

Worry no more if you're stressfully paying attention to this airborne infection. Evaporative coolers have never been associated with Legionnaires' disease.


Legionella is a type of pneumonia that can be fatal. It does not spread through human-to-human contacts, like many other diseases. However, it is transported to water, inhaled, and absorbed through the lungs. This can affect older people and those with weakened immune systems the most. 


Longer pipelines and vent system designs are at a high risk of being affected by this bacteria. However, portable evaporative coolers contain a water reservoir with no pipeplines at all or vents; there aren't any known cases of the bacteria growing in the function and design of portable evaporative coolers.



Evaporative cooling can be a helpful way to cool down in the summertime and work comfortably. It can prevent heat stroke, reduce inflammation, and improve overall health. This method is appropriate for all size operating businesses. 


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