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Introduction to industrial HVLS ceiling fans

Introduction to industrial HVLS ceiling fans


An Introduction to Industrial Ceiling Fans for Warehouses


With the increased amount of people working in warehouses, it has become essential for businesses to find ways to improve their indoor & sometimes outdoor air quality & circulation. 


Some companies have found that HVLS fans can be a great way to improve indoor air quality & air movement. HVLS fans are also known for being very energy efficient, which is a massive benefit for businesses that need to save on energy costs and drive up comfort in both summer & winter seasons.


Our Bluecobrand industrial ceiling fans are perfect for warehouses because they provide large amounts of air volume tailored to custom settings to create a comfortable work environment. They also have a variety of features that can make them an ideal choice for all sizes of facilities and unique demands.  


Read further to discover numerous elements of our overhead |HVLS| fans and how they're crucial for your warehouses.


What Benefits Exist When Choosing our Industrial Ceiling Fan?

Cool large buildings with our HVLS technology for comfort throughout the summer and also heat circulation to the ground during winter. Using the EURUS SERIES during the winter in conjunction with a heating element is a great way to operate the fan at its lowest RPM to bring heat produced from your heating element down to occupant level because we all know heat rises!


Our high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) overhead fans have energy-efficient cooling effects on your warehouses, giving you the ability to make a big impression on your clients or employees immediately. These powerful fans are designed to transform adverse climatic conditions into comfortable environments, thus improving employee productivity and retention with both cooling & heating! 


Our ceiling fans provide:

Energy Saving

Save up to 30% energy consumption with Bluecobrand's products. Use your new large Bluecobrand HVLS fan |EURUS SERIES| to distribute air circulation throughout a large area while dialing down your standard AC to reach those same large distances. Use the powerful HVLS fan to take over that job of circulation reach and save money on your energy bill. 

Unmatched Features

With market-leading safety features, Aircraft grade materials & power, all beautified with a fluorocarbon finish engineered from the finest German Quality. 

Advanced Controls

Bluecobrand HVLS fans' |EURUS SERIES| advanced control features make it extremely effective with dominating reliability & Quality with virtually zero maintenance. 

Types of Bluecobrand's HVLS Fans

Following are the high-quality and reliable ceiling fans we have:

Eurus Series

It contains:

  • five aluminum airfoils with advanced aircraft grade wing structures and design, safety controls, and German technology
  • Nord™ gearbox that's hermetically sealed to endure for long periods
  • A Steel motor casing with a fluorocarbon finish on the entire fan makes it perfect for extreme environments
  • 14ft feet diameter available
  • 5,000 SQFT coverage per fan




Industrial ceiling fans are an excellent option for warehouses as they provide efficient cooling & heating needs and can be easily customized to fit the business's specific needs. 



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