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Energy Benefits With Using HVLS Fans

Energy Benefits With Using HVLS Fans


Energy Benefits With Using HVLS Fans 

When it comes to Cooling & Heating a warehouse, there are many different options. You could use a traditional heating element or HVAC system or try something new and innovative, like HVLS fans, to heat or cool the warehouse.


There are several benefits to using HVLS fans, the biggest of which is the energy savings you'll enjoy. With a HVAC system you can expect to pay a lot in monthly energy costs. But with HVLS fans, you can cut those costs by up to 30%. In addition to the energy savings, you'll also enjoy improved comfort and safety in the warehouse.


So, is using HVLS fans to Cool & Heat a warehouse right for you? In this article, we'll take a closer look at the benefits and help you decide.

What Are HVLS Fans?

Have you ever heard of HVLS fans? Probably so, they're gaining popularity because of their energy-saving benefits & environmental comfort. 


HVLS stands for High Volume Low Speed, and these fans are the go-to choice for industrial and commercial properties that need to heat or cool an ample space. They're big—and can move a lot of air around.


Benefits of Using HVLS Fans

Following are the advantages of using HVLS fans:

Energy Saving

First and foremost, using HVLS fans to Cool/Heat a warehouse can save you money on your energy bill. HVLS fans use a fraction of the energy of traditional Cooling & Heating methods, like HVAC systems and heating elements. They can distribute heat evenly throughout the warehouse, bringing heat from the heating element down to occupant level. So you won't have to worry about hot or cold spots. And vice versa for Cooling large spaces when running in conjunction with a HVAC system. 


How much money you save depends on many factors, including 

  • the size of your warehouse 
  • the climate you live in. 
  • do you have the proper fans?

But in most cases, you can expect a noticeable reduction in energy costs.

Improved Air Quality

Maintaining a high level of ventilation in warehouses is essential to preventing temperature regulation issues. Maintaining a consistent temperature is extremely important to factories storing products or have operating services in that facility.  


Using HVLS fans can help improve the air quality in your warehouse. HVLS fans circulate the air more efficiently than traditional Cooling & Heating methods, which helps reduce the risk of mold and other allergens.

Employee Wellbeing

A wholesome staff is essential for any industry to secure a prosperous future. For businesses, guaranteeing the health and wellness of your employees is vital. The challenging work and diverse hours can take a toll on your employees, so focusing on their working conditions can show substantial dividends.


Warehouses are usually not air-conditioned, leading to high summer temperatures and threatening employees who work inside. Ample ventilation with HVLS fans can significantly reduce employees' heat stroke risks and improve workplace productivity.


Depending on the season, the building's HVLS ventilation fans help circulate heated air evenly throughout the building. This method can keep your staff warm, dry, and comfy when the temperature drops outside while reducing heating costs. Hence, it's a win-win situation in all seasons!


If you want a productive business, keeping your temperature balanced is really helpful. Explore Bluecobrand's high-quality fans & you won't regret your decision


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