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Walkie Straddle Leg Pallet Stackers vs Forklifts

Walkie Straddle Leg Pallet Stackers vs Forklifts


Walkie Straddle Leg Pallet Stackers vs Forklifts | Which One to Choose?

Manually picking and moving goods can be troublesome, impacting overall operations and productivity. But there's nothing to worry about! Equipment, like a walkie straddle leg pallet stacker and a forklift, make warehouse operations smoother and more efficient. 

However, many often wonder which to choose between a walkie straddle pallet stacker and a forklift. If you're also unsure, we have you covered. This article compares walkie straddle leg pallet stackers and forklifts to help you make an informed decision. Let's start!

What is a Walkie Straddle Leg Pallet Stacker?

Typically, a walkie straddle leg pallet stacker uses adjustable legs to lift and move a pallet. These stackers can either be manual or electric. They are commonly used for mid-level racking in small warehouses or storerooms.

What is a Forklift?

A forklift, or a fork truck, is equipment with two metal fork-like prongs or platforms at the front that help collect and move different pallets. These prongs are raised and lowered using hydraulic power. Forklifts are best suited for large warehouses, and statistics reveal that around 85% of distribution centers rely on them for their operations. 

Walkie Straddle Leg Pallet Stacker Vs. Forklifts: Major Differences

Here are some points highlighting the difference between walkie straddle leg stackers and forklifts:

Lifting Capacity and Height 

Typically, walkie straddle leg stackers have quite low lifting capacity and can carry loads ranging from 2000 to 4000 pounds without any hassle. On the other hand, forklifts have high load-carrying capacity as they can easily handle materials ranging from 3000 pounds to 5000 pounds. 

But that's not all; the lifting height of the walkie leg stacker is also low, approximately 15 feet. If your warehouse stores materials higher than this limit, you need a forklift that can lift loads to a height of 30 feet. 


Regarding maneuverability, the walkie straddle leg pallet stacker takes the lead. Its compact size and low turning radius make it suitable for exploring narrow aisles and congested spaces. 

In contrast, forklifts can handle heavy loads but are less maneuverable than walkie stackers. They have a high turning radius, which makes them suitable for large, spacious areas. 


Generally, stackers are less expensive than forklifts. So, if your business doesn't have enough budget and does not deal with heavy materials, you should opt for a walkie straddle leg stacker. 

Forklifts are expensive, but if you need something adaptable to cater to high lifting requirements, a forklift is a wise investment. 


Both forklifts and walkie straddle pallet stackers can be dangerous if not operated properly. However, forklifts tend to be more hazardous as they are more powerful than stackers. According to the National Safety Council, forklifts were the cause of 73 work-related deaths in 2022, along with 24,960 DART cases. 

Walkie straddle pallet stackers, on the other hand, are less powerful and easier to operate, reducing the overall risk involved.  

Environmental Impact 

In the forklift vs walkie straddle pallet stacker, the former significantly contributes to global warming. Forklifts, especially those that rely on lead acid batteries or traditional fuel for their operation, release toxic gases that can be harmful to both humans and the environment.

However, by opting for an electric forklift or electric walkie straddle pallet stacker, you don't have to worry about greenhouse gas emissions ruining the environment. 


The decision of which one is suitable depends upon many factors. For instance, a stacker will work fine if you have a small warehouse with congested shelves. On the contrary, forklifts are the best if your business deals with heavy materials or cargo and require high-capacity equipment. 

Consider these points to streamline your warehouse operations!   


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