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Blade Diameter: 30INCH
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Regular price $2,599.00 USD
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Single piece 44" x 44" x 4" thick water pad media provides a large even flowing surface area of water for maximum cooling effect, With media guard grill for pad protection.


Up/down, Left/Right


Control air-flow where you want it and where you DON'T want it. Customization for unique demands, but still can enjoy the benefits of controlled cool air and comfort. Or Enjoy a simple oscillation to sweep your surroundings. You are in control of your style of comfort.




Fan Diameter 30INCH
CFM 14,000
Speeds 3-speed
Motor Direct-drive
Cooling area 4,000sqft
Voltage 110-230V
Power supply 0.56KW
Water usage 10-15L/H
Water tank 32-gallons
Media panels 1 large panel
Noise level 53-60DB
Net weight 132lbs
Cord Length 11ft
Size 44x27x67INCHES


Control panel

LCD control panel seamlessly integrated to operate smart technology the LEGACY evaporative cooler is equipped with.

Float system

Automatic water fill and stop feature utilizing the float system attached to a standard garden hose ensures constant water levels during your work day while never having to watch or manage the water levels. The machine will do it all for you.

Pull out tray.

on the opposite side of the garden hose water attachment. the unit is equipped with a pull out tray for manual water fill and also ice fill. Because we know sometimes units have the need to be used where direct connection to a water source isn't available. Now a unit that allows you to have both options. Direct to the water source, or fill and be totally portable.

Water pump safety

The LEGACY BCO30 is equipped with an emergency water pump shut off to ensure when operating the unit off the float system that if the water runs low while utilizing manual operation, the sensor will detect the low water levels and automatically turn off the pump before running dry and causing harm to the internal system and water pump.

Energy efficiency

What makes this cooler so powerful? The heart of the machine, the motor. We have equipped this evaporative cooler with a sweeping 14,000cfm industrial grade motor, but thats not the best part. This machine can generate that much cfm with only drawing 0.56kw. To put that into perspective thats the equivalent to the same amount of energy drawn has home ceiling fans. We are talking cents per day on your electrical bill compared to standard HVAC being thousands and thousands of dollars per month.

Temperature reduction & ionizer

Evaporative cooling is a very powerful way of temperature reduction while staying very energy efficient. Evaporative coolers can reduce inside temperatures by up to 26°. Variable to change with building structures and natural climate conditions. Save energy, stay cool.™ Staying clean also keeps a machine efficient at keeping temperatures reduced. So we have integrated UV light and ionizer to filter and clean water during operation to reduce calcium build up from hard water, because a cleaner machine is a COOLER machine!



Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
k.d. (Jacksonville, US)
Cool you shop

If you want to cool you shop and don’t have central A/C, get a Legacy, it works. I’m in south Louisiana working in a metal building.
It cools it 20 degrees.

Ryan Barnes (Las Vegas, US)
Great unit

Cools my 1500sq ft shop with 16ft walls in vegas 110f heat with ease.

Gabriel Leal (Stockton, US)
Exceeded expectations

We ordered 5 of these bad boys for our volleyball facility, and they are lifesavers! Exactly what we needed.

Customer service was above and beyond as well!

Recommend to all in need of an alternative option to air conditioning!

Sacramento Ca.

Liem Vu (Prosper, US)
Enables us to enjoy our backyard during the summer

We are no longer stuck inside the house with the unbearable Texas summer heat. It also helps with mosquito with the airflow. I haven't tried putting ice yet, but it's quite cool already with just water. This cooler has everything, LCD screen, remote, louvres, a big slot for ice, big ass 30" fan blade, and it's so easy to start. Just add water, power it on and it will wait for the pad to be wet enough before the fan turns on. I looked at a lot of other brands (big ass fans, portacool, cool boss), but really happy with my choice. And thank you Jarred for being patient with me with all of my calls and questions. Almost forgot that Blueco has 24/7 live customer service...that's unheard of.

Thank you!

Mike Lacey (College Station, US)
Blueco Legacy evaporative cooler

Placed my order for the cooler on Monday and it arrived the following Friday. Pretty good time from California to Bryan Tx. Had it unpacked, wheels attached and running with the reservoir full in about an hour.

Our 24 by 30 metal shop with thin insulation is like an oven with the intense heat we're experiencing. The thermometer inside was reading 117 when I turned the chiller on and 1.5 hours later the temp was down in the 90s. Then I moved it to the attached garage where the temp was only reading 102. 30 minutes later the temp was down in the 80s. That is fantastic in my book.

I did have an issue getting the metal hose connector attached to the non metal threaded pipe for the hose/float system but I'm chalking that up to my inexperience. After sending an email to support and getting a call back from Jarred a short time later I had the information needed to complete the setup. Had to remove the water cooling pad so I could get a grip on the float assembly from the inside and screw the metal hose connector on until the pipe seated completely inside the hose connector. It took some effort to get it tight with Dawn dish washing soap to lube the threads but it's working fine and not leaking a drop.

My only prior experience with evaporative coolers has been with a 16 inch reservoir only version that worked ok with temps in the low to mid 90s. It's no help at all in this heat unless you stand directly in front of it. This Legacy with a 30 inch fan and large pad area provides more air volume and more cooling than much bigger chillers I've seen and felt at out local Farmers Market. And I haven't tried the ice yet.

Will definitely be getting a second one so I won't need to move this one back and forth between the shop and garage.

Thanks Blueco for a great product and great support.